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Honey Mustard
The Korean drama that is my life
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29th-Feb-2008 06:02 pm - MOVING


 This LJ is now going to be used as my community journal.
So please, re-add me as honey_maramalade.
I just felt the need for a clean slate.
A New chapter of my life has begun, it's only fittiing

11th-Feb-2008 10:11 pm - Ranking

14th-Dec-2007 07:17 pm - FL

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- Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You, too? Thought I was the only one." - C.S Lewis

-Friends Locked Journal

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8th-Dec-2007 10:14 pm - Shitty Icon Meme

I stole this from Vee-sama. I can honestly tell you, this will make your eyes bleed. BEWARE.

Let's Make Fun of Ourselves!

ICON #1: When It All Began
Your First Shitty Icon

O HOLY JESUS. In my defense, I was trying to pimp my AAA OTP. But yeah. This has got  to be the worst evar. I think I even made this with MS Paint. =O. I used the crappiest font in the entire world. Yes and the random X, does nothing. In fact, this icon wouldn't be so bad if only the text was gone. Gawd, how ugly it is

ICON #2: Just Slap Some Text On There!
The Unnecessarily Wordy Icon

This is the worst icon I've ever made. Poor Kuu. She's covered in weird text that probably says something creepy knowing me. At least I didn't cover her face too. Thank God. Some slight common sense must have possesed me at that moment. Dear lord. Please forgive me for this crime against Kumanity.

ICON #3: It Doesn't Matter What It Says
The Unreadable Font Icon

My second AAA OTP, lol. Even the hottness of Yukari & Nissy couldn't save this icon. WTF does that even say? IDK. I made this is in MS Paint too. I think I liked this because it looks like they are holding hands. xD Yeah, it still looks ugly as butt.

ICON #4: It Just Needs A Little Something...

It's not red, but pink. I don't really use red. I find it is often an ugly color. xD But yeah. I don't think this looks that bad really. It's just very pink, that's all. Plus, Yossie's goddess-ness is the saving grace. Chya

ICON #5: But Everyone Else Is Doing It!
The Shameful Trendwhore Icon!

D'X Do I even need to comment on this? YEAH Everyone was doing this lighting and the random unreadable text in the bottom and ja. Nuff said

ICON #6: The Technicolor Nightmare!
The I-Don't-Know-What-I'm-Doing Coloring Icon!

D=. Foxy MisQ. I am sorry. I didn't mean to butcher you using random gradient rainbow shit. I'm sorry, again.

I'm Trying!
Six Of My Most Recent Icons!

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